In-Depth Business Insurance

No matter the size of your business, whether a mom-and-pop or a large corporation, SCP Insurance Services has the experience and knowledge to handle your business insurance needs. We understand that risk is an every-day part of running a business, and we work hard to mitigate that risk with a wide range of insurance products. Call today for all your business insurance coverage and compliance needs.


General Liability

Employee Benefits Liability
Umbrella & Access Liability (This increases the limit of coverage for a low price. General liability is required for these services.)


Equipment Floaters & Installation Floaters (This is for the contractor and the equipment he is buying for the project. Until it is 'hung' on the building, it is the contractors' responsibility — but once it's hung on the building it becomes part of it, and the value of the building goes up.)

  • Crime
  • Builders Risk
  • Equipment Breakdown


  • Trucks (for Local Truck Services)
  • No Gray Market or Substandard Clients


  • Licensing Bonds (You have to post your license bond if you have a license just in case something happens and you make a mistake.)
  • Auto Defect Bonds (This is designed to protect you if someone steals your car and wipes out all of the identifying marks and VINs, and then sells it with no title. The person wants to drive it without getting arrested because they don't have a title for it. You take this statement to the DMV saying it doesn't have a title or identifying marks, and then they'll write you a bond at the value of the car. Come to us for the bond and then take it back to the DMV to get your license plate and everything. The DMV keeps the bond so that if it comes up the DMV can give them the bond for the car. If they claim the bond then you have to pay the money.)

Professional Errors & Omissions

This product is perfect for doctors, CPAs, architects, and anyone else drawing or designing anything for which they have a professional liability exposure and need P, E&O claims.

• Workers Compensation
• Professional Liability
• Directors & Officers
• Employers Practices Liability
• Boiler & Machinery/Equipment
• Business Owner Policy (BOP)
• Cargo/Transportation
• Garages